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California DMV not like Arizona

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Lake Havasu & Lake Havasu City, Arizona, 2007
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California DMV wants me to do 10 more Alcohol Programs classes for a DUI in Lake Havasu from 2000. WTF Back to Rancho Cucamonga daily.

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Arizona DUI Nightmare

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London Bridge (Lake Havasu City), Arizona, USA
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My California License Suspended from Lake Havasu 2000 DUI. I heard Arizona has 1 day Alcoholic class compared to California’s 4 month program.

Anybody know?

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California connects to Arizona DMV now?

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at the boat races
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She said, “30 min” wait for Arizona Department of Transportation customer service. My license has hold in California. California DMV would not let me renew my driver license.

Uh oh. What didnt I pay in La Paz County either Parker or Lake Havasu?

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