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Christmas Party Chop House

Posted in Mini Blogs with tags , , on December 14, 2008 by Backstage Gabe
Christmas ball sculpture in Melbourne, Australia
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Here at Arroyo Chop House in Pasadena,California w/ Company Hanaco
for Christmas party. Very nice company. Very good food. Try the Filet minon. Yum! I wonder if Kroq 106.7 acoustic Christmas is still going on?

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Christmas Parties equal Snowboarding

Posted in Music DJ with tags , , , on December 6, 2008 by Backstage Gabe
Work Xmas Party '06
Image by nogoodreason via Flickr

If I can Dj company Christmas parties this Sunday and next weekend. It will be a good Xmas with lots of Snowboarding in Big Bear,Ca.

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