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If you love Music Festivals in Santa Barbara then you will love West Beach Fest

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Ziggy Marley and George Clinton playing  West Beach Fest in Santa Barbara 9/18-20 2009 if I can only get a press pass 2 cover event

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How to get your Music Gig on Search Engines.

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Dj/Band/Music/Artist until pingfm comes up with a way 2 post events.Hope this helps your gig get on search engines

Found on Dj City Wide Promo Blog

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Will Claremont say the music is Ludacris?

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Ludacris coming to the Claremont College Bridges Auditorium on Jan 23rd. I hope Scripps,Harvey Mudd,Pitzer,Pomona,Mckenna,Keck are ready. Tickets are 45 bucks.

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