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We need Jackson in the US.

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Michael Jackson Star
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Michael Jackson assist Economy in London,UK w/$500 Million Music Promoter says.  Help CA invite him 2 Coachella

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Life after the 2nd Unemployment Extension

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(The Depression) The Single Men's Unemployed A...
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Whats going to happen when the 2nd Unemployment Extension Expires? Will crime/prostitution increase? What is plan “C”?

We have already began to see suicide,car chases,murders increase.

We should of spent that Bailout money to open Los Angeles Transit system: Free Metrolink Free Buses Free Subway. For a month at least.

This will people up and moving in Los Angeles while stimulating the economy here and other parts of our great nation.

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The Stimulators are losing.

Posted in 1 with tags on December 10, 2008 by Backstage Gabe
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Just got back from the Fitness 19 Gym in Upland,California & Guitar Center R.Cucamonga. Score: Economy-10 Stimulators-8. Nobody shopping.

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